About Savvy Creations

My wife Dawn and I are the owners of Savvy Creations. Where I am responsible for menial tasks like writing "About Us" web pages, Dawn is the creative inspiration behind our business. The story of our business started a few years ago...

Dawn was in medical research for over a decade and was looking for a career change. Being a little impulsive and a bit crazy, we decided to open a cupcake shop in Gettysburg PA. Dawn quit her job and learned commercial baking. We sold our house and moved to Gettysburg. We found a charming building in the middle of town that we renovated and turned into a bakery and café. For three years, Gettysburg Cupcake Café served tourist from all over the world. While Dawn ran the business, I continued working my "day job". Eventually, my job forced us to relocate back to Pittsburgh. We closed our business and were on the move again.

Our experience in Gettysburg made Dawn realize she really liked being a business owner. After we got settled, it was time for us to try a new adventure. Dawn enjoyed baking but the day-to-day operations of a bakery kept Dawn from what she really loved, being creative. While we were searching for our next venture, Dawn had a simple birthday request. She wanted a craft table. We found an wobbly table at an antique shop and we repaired and refinished it. This simple little project gave us our answer. Dawn and I always enjoyed doing these sort of projects so why not make furniture redesign our next business!?

We started with modest goals; a home based business where we sell our furniture at flea markets. But anyone that knows us can attest, we have a tough time keeping our dreams small. Soon we decided that if we are going to do it, "let's do it right". We expanded our business to share our passion with other by selling high quality furniture paint products and offering DIY workshops.